Motocross Friendship Games

Join Equestria Girls in Motocross Friendship Games contest. Grab your motorcycle and race to the finish line in Equestria' s biggest sports event!

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About Motocross Friendship Games

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Jump on your motorbike, complete the off-road circuit and become a champion in MLP Equestria Girls: Motocross Friendship Games game. The noise of the motorcycle’s engines is echoing throughout the city. The third event of the Friendship Games is about to begin. The public is impatiently entering the Arena, and the contestants are already dreaming of victory!

Equestria Girls represent one of the teams. Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer have teamed up to represent their school, Canterlot High, in this fantastic display of agility and speed. Their biggest challenge will be to compete against Indigo Zap and Sugar Coat, the students from the rival school, Crystal Prep Academy. The stakes are high. Who is going to win and bring victory and honor to their school? The race consists of 3 laps, in which your agility, control, and speed will be challenged. 

How to Play

You have to choose a team before the race starts. It is your choice which side you’ll like to support. Would that be Canterlot High’s Wonder Colts or, their fierce rivals, Shadow Bolts of Crystal Prep Academy?

After you decide, the next step will be to pick a player. Keep in mind that each racer has a special ability that can become an advantage during the race. Rainbow Dash and Indigo Zap are the fastest, while no one can jump as high as Sugar Coat. Nothing compares with Sunset Shimmer’s double jump, which makes her the perfect player when it comes to jumping over the obstacles. This being said, choose wisely!

What else you should know

Ready, set, go! Vroom! The race has begun! Watch out! Tires, mud puddles, haystacks, and, even, carnivorous plants will stay between you and the grand prize. If you hit them, they will slow you down, and that is no good in a race that requires speed. Tap the SPACEBAR to jump over the obstacles that are in your path. The longer you press it, the higher you will jump.

There are some items scattered along the way that will come in your aid. The invincibility shield protects you for 3 seconds, so it comes in handy when you don’t manage to avoid an obstacle. If your opponent is ahead of you, the speed boost will make you go faster and help you catch up with her. Don’t forget to gather tokens on your way, because they give you extra points.

Do you have what it takes to be the first to reach the finish line? The shiny trophy is waiting for you and your teammates.

Good luck and may the best team win!