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Help your friends from My Little Pony defeat Discord with the Follow Fluttershy game! Help Angel Bunny return home and bring back color in Equestria!

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Play the Follow Fluttershy game to help the adorable Angel Bunny return home. Fluttershy's favorite pet is away from his friends. What is more, the evil and dangerous Discord used his black magic to take away all color from Equestria! Isn't that awful? You are the only one that can help the Mane Six save their world from this powerful villain.

You need to join your timid and sweet friend, Fluttershy, in her quest to bring her pet bunny back to safety. She has the carrots and gift for talking to animals, but only you can make sure Angel is not in harm's way. Put your speed and agility to test and help bring back the magic in the My Little Pony Universe.

The purpose of your mission is to guide the fluffy white bunny on the right path home. You need to create a safe trail that he can follow. Click on a place on the map to place a carrot there. The hungry bunny will hop towards it. However, be careful! There are many obstacles along the way, such as rocks, bushes, or even rivers! Make sure you place your bait skillfully if you don't want Angel to get hurt. 

Challenge your speed and tactics!

The first step of the game is choosing a difficulty level. Click on the single star to get an exciting mission that you can complete on your first try. Go for the two-star option to receive a more challenging task, that will undoubtedly put your agility to the test! 

On the right side of the screen, you can check on the number of carrots you have left. Every time you place a bait, you will lose a carrot. Be warned! Even unsuccessful attempts to guide Angel will cost you a valuable resource! Therefore, use carrots wisely, unless you want to run out before you reach your goal. You can glance at your progress by glancing at the bar on the right of the screen. It indicates exactly how long Angel has come on his path back to his friends. 

Useful tips

Make sure that you pay attention to other animals lurking around! Everybody knows that the forests of Equestria are home to many creatures. Angel will certainly encounter hopping frogs, flying tortoises, and even alligators on his journey. He will also get hurt and lose a carrot when he bumps into one of them. Ensure that this unruly bunny is safe by precisely timing your moves. Tactics and agility will help you complete this mission!

Have you managed to avoid all perils and guide Angel Bunny back to safety? Congratulations! Discord has lost the battle, and Equestria is lively and colorful once more. You will also receive a special prize to celebrate your success.

Print the special coloring page and unleash your creativity! Thanks to you, the My Little Pony Universe is even more magical than before!