Equestria Dash

Help Rainbow Dash to rescue her pony friends by playing MLP Rainbow Power: Equestria Dash game. Save Equestria before Discord steals all the colors!

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The peaceful and quiet life of the kingdom of Equestria is being threatened by the evil forces in MLP Rainbow Power: Equestria Dash game. 

It was just a typical sunny day in the town of Ponyville. All its inhabitants were being engaged in everyday activities, and no one was aware of what was going to happen. Rainbow Dash was still practicing her flying abilities, dreaming that one day she will be accepted by the other Pegasus ponies, the famous Wonderbolts, to join their ranks.

Suddenly, her training was interrupted by terrible news. Equestria was in danger. Its colors were being stolen. Discord, the spirit of disharmony and chaos, who once ruled over Equestria, has escaped from the stone in which Princess Celestia and Princess Luna imprisoned him. 

Twilight Sparkle, Pinky Pie, Fluttershy, AppleJack, and Rarity went to confront Discord and to stop him. But they were caught one by one, and now they are kept captive on the Grand Arena by the wicked draconequus. Now, Rainbow Dash and you are Equestria's only chance. Help her to free her pony friends before it's too late.

How to Play

Guide Rainbow Dash through the arena by moving the cursor up and down. When she is above one of the ponies, click the left mouse button to grab them and help them join the dash.

To win, you have to collect all the five ponies and reach the finish line. Be careful, you have to do that in due time. Discord is coming after you, stealing all the color of the kingdom on his way. If the time runs out before you manage to set free all the ponies, then it's game over. To gain more time, collect stars and the blue hearts which give you bonus time.

The game offers you two levels of difficulty, which will challenge your agility, speed, and control skills.

You did it! You are a hero! You helped Rainbow Dash to save her friends and the kingdom of Equestria. But not only that. The Wonderbolts have seen how brave Rainbow Dash can get. They were amazed by her flying skills and speed, so her dream has finally come true. They asked her to join them and be a member of their team.

All's well that ends well!