Friendship Ball

Take part in a unique celebration with the characters from the My Little Pony with the Friendship Ball game! Design a party that no one will forget!

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Become involved in the most exciting party of the year in Equestria with the Friendship Ball game! As you very well know, friendship is essential in the My Little Pony universe. The adorable characters go through many exciting adventures together, offer each other support, and even give some helpful advice. Naturally, they need to celebrate this feeling and their unique relationships with a special ball that takes place only once a year. You're right, I am talking about the Friendship Ball! Every year, the colorful characters even give out the Best Friend of the Year award, to celebrate the kindest and most helpful pony. 

The good news is that this year you are not only invited to the ball but also organizing the entire party! Feeling a bit anxious? Don't worry! I am sure everything will turn out beautifully with your excellent taste and creativity!

Decide on the location and the guests!

The very first step of the game is to decide on the location of your party. Were you thinking about something classy and elegant, like the ballroom or the castle, or have you considered something more casual and fun, like the pond or the dance studio? Decide on something that suits the desired atmosphere at this unique celebration!

Next, it's time to decide who you want to invite! Click and drag the ponies at the top of the screen to place them in the beautiful background you have just selected. You are free to send invitations to anyone you like, from the spunky Rainbow Dash to cheerful Toola Roola or even Spring Parade. It will surely be an exciting ball party! 

Keep in mind that each of the ponies performs specific actions that you can enjoy, such as running or twirling. Control these actions by using the blue action charm at the left side of the screen. Use it to pause the action at any time and achieve beautiful poses from your guests. You can also use this charm on animated stickers.

Add some decorations and make the final adjustments!

It's time for the fun part: the decorations! Scroll through the stickers at the bottom of the screen and drag the ones you like into the scene. There are so many different categories of objects to choose from, like fountains, party tents, hot air balloons, flags, flowers, food, and beverages! Some of them are even animated so you can use the action charm to control them just like you did with the ponies!

What is more, you can adjust the size and direction of all the elements in the scene using the charms on the left side of the screen. This applies to both the characters and the things that you have added. Additionally, don't be afraid to use the color charm to customize the objects and choose the perfect shade for each of the items.

Finally, you're done! Print out your beautiful masterpiece by pressing the appropriate icon. Wait, we have one more surprise for you! You can color the page you have just created at home by choosing the black and white printing option. Isn't it cool that you can design your very own coloring book?