Test your knowledge about the little ponies in MLP: Mini-Quizzes game. Answer correctly to all of the eight questions and be the best pony in Equestria!

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How well do you know your beloved ponies? Have you watched the entire TV series? Have you paid attention to every single incredible story that they had to tell? Then you will rock the MLP: Mini-Quizzes game. You are a truly worthy fan of the Little Ponies, are you not? Prove yourself and accept the challenge of these awesome mini-quizzes. You will not regret it.

I know, we aren’t huge fans of tests either. But these quizzes are quite funny and entertaining. They are no regular tests, they are proof that you are a true and loyal pony. Everything you have seen and everything that you know will be seen now. So you will get the chance to make your beloved ponies proud. 

Princesses, Equestria, The Cutie Mark Crusaders. Every TV show that you adore from the My Little Pony family will appear here, in this exciting game. It sounds lovely, does it not? And we are sure that you know every answer. Show us what you are capable of and tell us the story of your favorite ponies. 

Do you remember the events from the Guardians of Harmony? Who saved the world from Discord? How did the ponies turn the evil guys into good guys? Everything is about love, loyalty, and kindness, isn’t it? And it is the same in the Magic of Friendship. But here, your questions will rely on the specific characteristics of every pony.

Explore the quizzes from My Little Pony

Try and remember what the ponies are like. Who has loyalty, who has laughter and which one of them is the most generous of all? Ah, and let’s not forget about fairness. Equestria could not be so bright and delightful without honesty, would it? And since we’re talking about Equestria. How well do you do with the local geography? 

In the quiz named Explore Equestria, you will be able to show us that you know everything about the place where your favorite ponies live. And do you recall the little Cutie Mark Crusaders? How well they fought the forces of evil? Show the world that you remember the specific events and the details about your most beloved characters right now.

Last, but not least, the beautiful MLP Princesses. The only ones that inspire the little ponies and guide the entire Equestria towards a brighter future. So just make sure you read the eight questions carefully, for each one of the quizzes. Then simply click on one of the three answers that you seem fit. And answer correctly to all of them. 

So what are you waiting for? Make your ponies proud and answer the questions correctly. Pay attention to the quizzes and have the best time of your life in the process.