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Decorate your own magical home with the My Little Pony Place game! Take care of your pets and plants to collect friendship points and unlock new items!

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Now you can become an interior designer in Ponyville with the My Little Pony Place game! This game offers you the opportunity to customize all aspects of your house, from the lamp to the floors, rugs, and decorations! You can let your imagination run wild surrounded by your fabulous friends from Equestria, an enchanting place where friendship and magic are powerful! Join Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and your other friends in this enticing game. It will transport you to a fantastical place of creativity and magic!

The game allows you to customize a wide range of elements found in your home. For instance, you can change your furniture, walls, even the ceiling or the door! Just click on the object. A menu with different options will appear right next to it. Scroll through all of them until you find something that matches your vision.

However, don't forget that nothing is free! The currency of this game consists of friendship points. You can unlock new items and use them in your house by paying a certain number of points. Naturally, some things will be more expensive than others, so use your points wisely.

Friendship always counts!

You can earn Friendship points by feeding your pets and watering your plants. You start the game with a Magical Plant and a Flower Pot, as well as two adorable animals. You will end up adoring Angel the bunny and Gummy the alligator, your two new best friends.

Feed the animals and water the plants every day in order for them to grow. The bigger they get, the more points they earn you per feeding. Therefore, you must be careful and responsible for making enough points for your dream home! Click on one of your companions to check on the time before the next feeding. You can also see how much you have to wait until they level up.

Once you are satisfied with the design of your crib, you can even show the place to your friends. Tap the 'Camera' button at the top of the screen to capture your entire home in a picture. You can even download this photo to your computer and then send it to your friends! You have been working hard to earn the friendship points, so you have a reason to be proud. There is no shame in bragging about your magical home!

Have you ever wished to have complete control over the design of your room? Now you can arrange everything according to your taste, down to little details and decorations. You can even compete with your friends to decide who has the best magical place! Make sure you check in daily to keep up with your companions and see if everything is in order! The fantastic world of Equestria is waiting for you, with all its wonders.