Pony Platforming Project: Holiday Special

Play the Pony Platforming Project: Holiday Special game to help Applejack save Santa and put him back on track. Can you save this Christmas day?

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Join one of your My Little Pony characters for a chilly adventure in the Pony Platforming Project: Holiday Special game! A tragedy happened on Christmas night! Santa crashed his sleigh, and he is in big trouble! Can you help Applejack find him and his raindeers and save Christmas? Let's go! There is no time to waste.

To save the day, you should help Applejack find Santa in time to deliver all the gifts to all the children! Don't worry! You may meet some people along the way that will help you through this journey! Look around for them on your way.

How to Play

Let's get you ready to face the cold road ahead! Use the Arrow keys to move Applejack around. If you need to reach high spaces, use the Z key to jump. Many foes will try and stop you. To attack them, use the X key! Press the direction keys two times to run faster, and X right after if you want to perform special attacks!

Use the environment to your advantage! You can hit the snowy trees to make the snow on them fall. Afterward, hit it again to throw snowballs at your enemies and take them down! Try doing the same thing with the heads of the snowmen you defeat.

Be careful about the powerful winds! It's a snowy night, and the wind is unforgetful! It even can blow you away if you are not careful. You need to find Trixie and buy items from her to combat this! She has a large variety, so choose the one that fits the road ahead! She can give you something for the wind, make you jump higher, and even increase your health points!

What else you should know

You will face many enemies on your way, but the most dangerous one is in the end! Try and have all your health points when you reach this stage!

Look around for the gifts! You will gain one health point when you pick it up, and if you don't miss them, you can recharge all your health in no time!

Everything is ready! Hop on the adventure and help Applejack save Christmas before it's too late. Santa is waiting for you, so let's not waste any more time!

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