Pinkie Pie's Party

Restore the color of Equestria in MLP: Pinkie Pie's Party game. Collect the balloons and bring them back to Pinkie Pie before it's too late!

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About Pinkie Pie's Party Game

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Ah, the lovely land of Equestria. Full of color and delight. Oh no, but something is wrong now, in MLP: Pinkie Pie’s Party game. The evil Discord came here again, in this beautiful land. And he is planning to steal all of the colors. You have to save the beautiful Equestria from Discord. Do you think you can do it?

In Equestria, you might always find a lovely party to attend. And this time, Pinkie Pie will be our honorable host. Her party is more important than ever, though. Because Discord has stolen all of the colors from Equestria. And by attending this party, you will help your beloved ponies to bring it back to the way it was.

So many balloons. So much color to bring back. And so much fun. Are you ready for all of it? Pinkie Pie is waiting for you. So don’t let her down and begin your adventure right now. Catch the balloons, have the time of your life, and save the beautiful kingdom. Let’s see how you can contribute.

Collect the balloons for Pinkie Pie!

The rules of this game are quite simple. The ultimate goal is to restore the color of the beautiful Equestria. How exactly? Just by helping Pinkie Pie gather her delightful party balloons. Be patient and wait for them to fly towards you. Once you see them, just drag and drop them towards the host of the party.

Collect ten colored balloons before the time runs out. You will see the color that is needed in the bottom left corner. There, you will also find a clock. Make sure you check it every time because if your time runs out, the color of Equestria will belong to Discord forever.

Before you begin, you have the chance to select a level. Depending on the difficulty that you want, you can either select the single star or the double star. Find the color that is needed and bring the balloon back to Pinkie Pie as fast as you can. So what do you say? Do you feel prepared to rescue an entire kingdom and have some fun in the meantime? Equestria depends on you!