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👑 Craft unique, magical tiaras for your beloved pony pals with Create a Tiara game! Ready to unleash your creativity and let your designs sparkle?

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About Create a Tiara Game

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Dive into a magical world of sparkling tiaras with My Little Pony: Create a Tiara game! Imagine being in a land where you get to design and decorate the most enchanting tiaras for your favorite pony pals. This game lets you bring your dream tiaras to life, add dazzling gems, and see how they look on some beloved My Little Pony characters.

It's time to awaken your inner jewelry designer! Your task is to craft the most stunning tiara, choose a pony to model it, and then showcase your creation in a fabulous frame. But remember, each design choice you make brings your tiara one step closer to perfection.

How to Play

Starting is simple! All you need to do is click on your choices. Whether it's picking a tiara, selecting a gem, or even changing its size, just a click will do the magic.

Step 1: First, pick your canvas. You have 5 tiara options to choose from. Just click on the one that you like the most.

Step 2: Colors make everything better! So, select the shade that you feel will make your tiara stand out. Once you're happy, click the "Next" arrow to move forward.

Step 3: Now, let's make your tiara shine. You can add beautiful gems to it, change the color of the gems, and make them sparkle, gleam, or even glow! Remember, to use any tool or color, click on it first and then click on the gem you want to change. If something doesn't feel right, the Erase Effect button is there, or you can drag the gem to the trash bin. When your tiara feels just right, the "Next" arrow awaits you.

Step 4: It's fashion show time! Pick a My Little Pony character like Daffidazey or Fluttershy to model your unique tiara. This is the moment to see how your design looks on them.

Step 5: Show off your masterpiece! Choose a picture frame style and play with frame and background colors until they complement your tiara perfectly. You can save, print, or even send your tiara picture to a friend. 

What else you should know

Here's a secret: you might be tempted to cover your tiara in gems, but sometimes, a few well-placed gems can make it look even more magical.

You can save up to 5 tiaras, which you can later see under My Saved Tiaras menu. If you want to save more, you can still do it, but a new one will replace an old design.

Now that you know everything about crafting dream tiaras and seeing them shine on your favorite ponies, let your imagination run wild. Start designing now, and let your tiaras dazzle everyone!