Curtains Up Matching

The Curtains Up Matching game reveals magical surprises with every pair! Join the fun now to uncover your favorite G3.5 ponies through clever matches!

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About Curtains Up Matching Game

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Dive into a magical world where matching items reveal your favorite My Little Pony characters! The Curtains Up Matching game is an adventure where players uncover hidden ponies by pairing different but related items.

Your task is to match two items that belong together, like a paintbrush with a paint palette. Every time you make a correct match, a surprise pony friend appears. But remember, the items aren't identical – they just need to go together.

How to Play

To start your matching adventure, you'll use your mouse. Just click on one item and then another one that feels like a good pair. It's as simple as tapping on things that feel like they belong together.

Throughout the game, you'll see many items spread out, like a lollipop, balloons, a helmet, and so many more. The fun part? No two items are exactly the same. Instead, you need to think about which items might go together in the real world. For instance, a book naturally pairs with a library card, right?

When you pair items correctly, voilà! One of the My Little Pony crew will appear. Will it be Toola Roola? Or maybe Rainbow Dash? There are several ponies waiting to be uncovered: Toola Roola, Cheerilee, Starsong, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle.

To help you out, once you've successfully matched two items, they'll shine in yellow. That's a sign that you've paired them right and can move on to the next fun match!

Uncovering your favorite ponies by matching items is quite fun! Ready to begin your journey and meet your pony pals? Let's find those matches!