Party in Ponyville

Prepare to host a gathering with Pinkie Pie and her friends in the Party in Ponyville game! Visit the girls' rooms, dress them up, and decorate the cake!

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The cute protagonists of My Little Pony are ready to have some fun in the Party in Ponyville game! Today, Pinkie Pie, StarSong, Rainbow Dash, and the rest of the girls are hosting a big event! Now, everyone in Ponyville is invited to the party, including yourself. Can you help your friends with the preparations in time for the gathering?

For today's mission, you get to learn more about the cute ponies! Whether it's Sweetie-Belle, Toola Roola, or their friends, you can visit each resident's house and decorate it to their liking. After you've stopped by every place, you can finally begin the party preparations! Aren't you excited about the big event?

How to Play

This is your chance to visit Ponyville! Luckily, to explore the town and spend a day with the ponies, all you need to use is your mouse. Just click on each character to visit her room and learn more about what she likes! Doesn't it sound fun?

Pinkie Pie, StarSong, Rainbow Dash, and the rest of the squad all have different tastes. While Pinkie Pie loves the color pink, Scootaloo loves the outdoors and playing sports. Keep this in mind and change the objects in their rooms to make them happy, then your friends will surely show up to your party!

Do you want to learn more about the ponies? If so, when you tap on the items in their rooms, your buddies will tell you a fact about themselves! This only works for certain objects, so make sure to try each one to uncover the hidden secrets! If you click two times on the mirror, you can watch some fun videos with each pony!

Once you're done with the first task, it's time to move closer to the gathering! Click on the arrows to explore further, and you will soon arrive at the Ponyville Plaza. Over there, you can visit the Pop-Corn Theatre Party Place. Cheerilee, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash will be waiting to show you some videos about the cute ponies! 

For your last stop, it's time to visit the Party Place. In this area, you will find three buildings with more mini-games related to the event! Stop by Pinkie Pie's Balloon House, visit Sweetberry's Sweet Shoppe, and finally, arrive at your last destination: the Teapot Palace. If you're feeling inspired, you will surely have fun here!

There's more you should know!

If you love fashion, stop by Pinkie Pie's Balloon House and help your friend get dressed! Over there, you can lend Rainbow Dash a hand and find the perfect outfit for the party. You can choose between a wide array of clothes, shoes, and accessories, so give her a fabulous makeover!

For the next stop, you can drop by Sweetberry's Sweet Shoppe, where Cheerilee will help you with a cake for the party! You will learn everything about baking, from choosing the shape to making the decorations. If you have an artistic sense, pick up some colors and paint the details to make your creation pop!

Finally, once you arrive at the Teapot Palace, you can decorate the venue to your taste. Wait at the door to welcome your friends inside, then tap on each pony to find out what they like. The little troublemakers have hidden all the presents, so you have to look for them all over! In the end, you can blow on the candles and receive your scrapbook full of pictures!

Now it's time to begin the party! Did you hear the doorbell? That means your friends from My Little Pony are already here!