Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue

Try the Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue game and help Fluttershy get the lost bunnies back home! Can you face the storm and save them from the Everfree Forest?

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About Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue Game

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Join Fluttershy in her task to rescue all the baby bunnies from the Everfree Forest in the Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue game! It's a stormy night outside, so we have to hurry! Luckily Twilight Sparkle is here to help us by using her life-detecting spell to find out where all the bunnies are. This way, the bunnies will be back home in no time!

Are you ready to adventure in the Everfree Forest? Great! Your role is to help Fluttershy look for every bunny. You should explore every corner to make sure you don't miss any! Will you bring back all the bunnies? Let's start the journey. There is no time to waste!

How to Play

To guide Fluttershy, you only need the arrow keys! Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move around and search for the bunnies. Press the Up key to jump, and double press it to fly if you need to reach high places! Pretty easy, right?

Your main goal is to make sure you search all the places in the forest until you find all the missing bunnies. Twilight's Sparkle life-detecting spell will come in handy, but it will not do all the work for you! To be sure you grabbed everyone, you should explore every corner of the place. If you miss some, you will have to come back and search for them!

Pay attention to your timer! The bunnies need to be back before it's too late! As you grab them, the time limit will increase. Try to be fast and don't miss any! The Everfree Forest is dangerous for these little fluffy creatures. They will not make it on their own!

Are you ready to start your adventure? Great! Let's begin our search and get these poor bunnies back home before the storm gets stronger! We should not waste any more time.