Restore the Elements of Magic

Help Twilight Sparkle complete an epic quest in the Restore the Elements of Magic game! Collect all the stars and rebuild the magic jewels!

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Twilight Sparkle needs your help in the Restore the Elements of Magic game! The six heroes of Ponyville are in big trouble! As you very well know, each one of them is the keeper of a sacred Element of Magic. Applejack, the orange farmer pony, is the keeper of honesty. Fluttershy, the adorable animal lover, possesses the element of kindness. The energetic Pinkie Pie is the keeper of laughter. Even though she might seem quite vain, Rarity is the possessor of generosity. The brave Rainbow Dash embodies loyalty, and Twilight Sparkle is, of course, the keeper of magic.

Unfortunately, the six heroes have lost control of their elements and the jewels that embody them. Only you can help Twilight restore the Elements of Magic and bring back peace to Equestria!

The game consists of 5 different levels. Your goal in each one of them is to help one of your friends regain their magical jewel and the power of their Element of Magic. Naturally, you will be controlling the talented Twilight Sparkle. All you need to do is click to move the pony to the desired location. You need to collect all 20 pink stars on each level, as well as the 5 jewelry fragments. 

How to Play

The first level takes place in a lovely apple orchard. Use Twilight's flying talents to collect the pink stars from above the branches. However, don't forget that you always need the help of your friends! Click on the tree trunks to make Applejack hit them. The apples will turn into stars and jewelry pieces that Twilight can collect to finish the level.

The second level will take you to a barn. Here, Fluttershy likes to spend time with her friends, the squirrels. Twilight can fly to the upper levels and collect all the stars, but she will need her friend's help! Fluttershy needs to talk to the squirrels for them to uncover the jewelry fragments from the haystacks. 

The third level will take you to a mysterious castle, guarded by vigilant guards. Twilight needs to fly around the golden columns and beautiful decorations to collect the stars. However, she can't do so without Rarity's help. Click on the guards to watch her blind them with ridiculous hats.

The fourth level will test your ability to withstand bad weather. You need to navigate a maze of towers and balconies to collect al 20 stars and complete Rainbow Dash's red ruby lightning bolt. Make sure to ask for her help when stormy clouds are blocking your path!

The last level is undoubtedly the most challenging. You will find yourself in the middle of an intricate garden maze, complete with bizarre statues and exotic flowers. Make your way throughout the hedges with Pinkie Pie's help. She will destroy any statues that might block your way. 

Are you ready for a charming new adventure featuring your favorite characters from the My Little Pony series? Lend Twilight Sparkle a helping hand in this thrilling adventure game! Have fun!