Pinkie Pie's Cupcake Maker

The cupcakes have lost their topping in the Pinkie Pie's Cupcake Maker Game. Drag the frosting above the matching cake and make everything sweet again.

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Are you craving something sweet and colorful? Then you came to the right place! And do you know what is be better than a lovely cupcake? More lovely cupcakes. So Join Pinkie Pie in the Pinkie Pie’s Cupcake Maker Game. Help the little pony match the topping with the cupcake and enjoy the dessert alongside her. Act fast and show the world what a great dessert lover you are. 

A Wall of Cupcakes

There are so many cupcakes that need the right color of topping. And everything is randomly falling from the sky in an unusual order. Pinkie Pie really needs your help to correctly match all of the colors of frosting with the right cakes. We all know that she adores cupcakes and wants them to be pretty. So come and have some great time with her.

Each level will begin with a wall of cakes and frostings placed in a completely different order. Some cakes might even fall above the icing. It is unusual, I know. But you can be the one to put everything in place. All you need to do is to drag and drop one matching frosting above its cake. Remember that you can do this only if the cake has absolutely nothing above it.

If you have no free cake or frosting that match on the top of the wall, then do not worry. You can rearrange all of the fallen sweets so that you get to match them correctly and create the perfect dessert. 

It's all about evolution

At first, you will only have two colors of cupcakes. But as you evolve and become more skilled, the cakes may vary in color. In higher levels, you might even encounter specific cupcakes that will help you take out an entire column of sweets. Just pay attention and match the cupcakes correspondently.

You may also drag the whole column from one frosting and drop it above the matching cake. But make sure it is not too high. If one of the columns reaches the top, you will lose your progress. 

Always check the time you have left. If you do not fulfill your mission until the time is out, you might have to restart the level. Do not forget also to verify your progress bar. It is the only one that tells you how well you are doing. The more cupcakes you match, the more points you will win and the higher your progress will grow. Once your progress bar is full, you have completed the mission, and you are ready to begin a new sweet adventure. 

So what do you say? Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate matchmaker and find the perfect frosting for Pinkie Pie’s cupcakes? Then press “Start” and let’s begin!