Magical Match Three

The lovely Equestria needs you to bring the color back in MLP: Magical Match Three game. Keep matching at least three blocks on the same row to succeed!

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About Magical Match Three Game

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Equestria is a land full of magic and wonder. But once again, Discord has come to ruin the equilibrium and steal the color from this enchanted land. In MLP: Magical Match Three game, you will have to save the kingdom and bring the color back before it is too late. Using your powerful magic, you can do anything that you want. So accept this challenge and restore our magic.

The best ponies in the world are counting on you to save them from the evil Discord. This time, you will be helping Twilight Sparkle. Alongside this precious pony, you will save the day and gat the color back from Discord. Are you curious about the ways you can solve this issue? 

The beautiful Equestria is counting on you to save it. So just use Twilight Sparkle’s magic to bring the color back. Learn how to play this game and be the best pony in the world. Discord will not wait any longer. So begin your journey and be the hero of the story. 

How to use the magic of a pony

In this game, all you need to do ist o match the blocks by moving them around with the magic of this beautiful pony. You will just have to click and drag the blocks up or down so that they will find each other in a row of three or more. They can either be columns or rows. It is entirely up to you and the way you see these blocks better.

Once you put them in a row or column of three or more, they will instantly disappear. As you advance in the game, you will see the dark background changing. The more you play correctly, the more colors you will bring back. So just make sure to restore the colors and bring them back to Equestria before it is too late. 

You would not want tor un out of time and leave the colors in the hands of Discord, would you? Then what are you waiting for? Grab that wand, use your magic and help Twilight Sparkle bring the color back. You can do it!