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Try the My Little Pony Puzzle game to test your wittiness and have fun! Can you recreate lovely pictures of your friends from Equestria?

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Test your wittiness and your speed with the My Little Pony Puzzle game! Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and your other friends from Equestria will join you on this challenge. As you very well know, beauty and cuteness are not the most essential qualities for these pony friends. Intelligence and problem-solving skills are crucial!

Therefore, they have prepared a little trial for you! Do you think you can solve the puzzles and recreate the hidden images? Prove yourself and impress your beloved friends from the My Little Pony Universe!

Let’s get started! You begin the game by picking the type of puzzle you want to solve. There are three different designs that you can choose from. Pick wisely, as each one comes with different challenges! 

Three exciting challenges

The first option is the closest to a classic puzzle game. The original picture has been broken down into fifteen square pieces. However, they are all jumbled up! It's up to you to find the right position for each of them. Choose two items and then click on them to swap their places. 

The second type of puzzle is an unconventional one. The original picture has been broken down into many concentric circles. Want to see the adorable ponies? Click on each of the rings to rotate it and unscramble this mayhem!

The third kind of challenge your pony friends have prepared for you is undoubtedly the most unusual! The original picture is covered with a grey background. To clear this up, you need to use the shapes provided to you. You can even use the space bar or click to rotate your current form! However, you might find that it just doesn't fit in certain situations. Simply click on the trash to get a new shape! Remove all the grey to uncover the lovely image of ponies having fun!

Tips and trick from your pony friends

In the case of all three options, there is a surefire way to know if a piece is in the correct place. Once you have managed to position an item accurately, you will hear a delightful sound. What is more, the element will be locked in that area. Isn't that neat? It will certainly make your job much easier!

Although they might seem quite surprising, these puzzles are certainly not as challenging as they might seem. The upbeat music has a joyful ring to it and will surely entertain you and keep you going. What is more, you can even get help if you are stuck! Click on the 'Hint' button at any point of the game to get some extra help from your pony pals. They will surely give you a hand on figuring out your next move!

Naturally, every tough test features a delightful reward at the end. If you have managed to figure out the correct position for each puzzle piece, you will uncover a lovely image of ponies having fun. Guess what! There are a ton of pictures you can reveal, as they are assigned randomly to each puzzle. This means you need to play multiple times to discover all the adorable scenes. Most of them feature lesser-known ponies, such as Big McIntosh, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo. 

Are you ready to put your wits and intelligence to the test? Join your pony pals from the My Little Pony Universe and figure out all of the puzzles! It will undoubtedly be fun and magical, like all adventures in Equestria!