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Let's dance together in the My Little Pony Dance Studio Game. Choose your dancer, select the music and create the perfect choreography for your ponies.

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Did you know that dancing is one of the oldest forms of art? It is a brilliant way to express yourself and make a true connection with the ones you are dancing with. Feel the music, feel the rhythm and share the most treasurable moments of your life with your favourite characters in the My Little Pony Dance Studio Game. So what are you waiting for? Grab your most beautiful dancing shoes and let’s shine on the dance floor. 

Sharing the Spotlight

Dancing is wonderful, whether it is done solo, in pairs or in a team. Depending on your preferences, you get to select if you want to be a single dancer, you want to dance in a duet or with an entire team. First of all, if you select the single dancer or the duet mode, you will have to choose your dancer (or pair of dancers). You can choose from Pinkie Pie, Twinkle Twirl, Ski Wishes, Gem Blossom or Desert Rose. Make the wisest choice and select the one you consider to be the best dancer. If you want, during your performance, you get to change the dancer and make it even more entertaining. If you want to dance in a beautiful team, all of the little ponies will be dancing alongside you and create a wonderful art together. And keep in mind that this experience always gets better when you share it with the ones you love the most. 

Creating the Atmosphere

Once everything is settled regarding the dancers, you now get to set the mood and let the dancing begin. Select the perfect lighting to go with your performance. Then, do not forget about the most important thing: music. What is dancing without a really good song? Make your choice and once you are done, start being the best choreographer for your dancers. Test all of the eight possible moves, combine them, create the choreography you always wanted to see live and then, do not be afraid to record it. Like this, you will be able to watch it later and see what a great artist you can be. Spin around, jump, make a pirouette and then get up on that stage. 

Are you ready to show the world who you are? Have you chosen the music, the dancers and most importantly, the best moves? Perfect! Now it is your time to shine. Record your beautiful performance and watch it later so you can remind yourself of how talented you are.