Fallout Equestria: Remains

Experience My Little Pony like you never did in the Fallout Equestria: Remains game! Can you survive a post-apocalyptic adventure as a resourceful pony?

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About Fallout Equestria: Remains Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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You can't miss out on the Fallout Equestria: Remains game if you're a My Little Pony fan who wants to experience something out of the box! Sadly, the colorful world filled with magic and friendship that you know and love has turned into a post-apocalyptic realm, with danger lurking behind every corner. You are one of the last surviving ponies.

Find supplies, battle enemies, and embark on an unexpected adventure in Equestria! However, you must know beforehand: it won't look like you're used to!

This game is more complex than you'd expect! It features a huge map and a variety of levels that your character can move up through. What is more, it offers a variety of options for each player so that they can customize the game to fit their play style.

For instance, you can choose one of five difficulty levels, ranging from very easy to super-hard. Besides, you can pick features that determine how you pick up skills, how fast you level up, and your inventory size. Impressive!

How to Play

The first step of the game is designing a pony that can be the hero of your story. Customize their name, color, and hairstyle to make them more personable! Now you're ready to head out into the post-apocalyptic Equestria and become a legend!

Move your pony around by using the A and D keys! Jumping and double jumping are also easy to do, as all you have to do is press the Space Bar. If you want to go up and down the stairs, use W or S.

Whenever you come across an object, roll your cursor over it, then press E to interact with it. You can even kick by using the F key. Add the Shift key to this combo for an extra strong one!

There are many more controls in this game! However, you shouldn't worry! The instructions on the screen will help you get used to them, and they'll come naturally in no time.

Make sure you explore every nook and cranny of the world around you! You'll find many objects like boxes, crates, secret doors, and even unstable walls. It's up to you to interact with them in a way that can help you move on to the next part of the level.

For instance, you can use a screwdriver to unlock a crate or hit a wall with a crowbar. Roll your mouse wheel up and down to choose the best tool for the job!

What else you should know

As you'd expect from a post-apocalyptic world, there are many dangerous foes lurking in the darkness. Luckily, you have weapons at your disposal to fight them!

Simply move your cursor over the slimy bugs or scary rats, then click using the left mouse button to shoot. If you want more accuracy, press the V key for a more sophisticated target. When you need to reload the weapon, use the R key.

Fighting can hurt your pony! Luckily, you'll find medical supplies such as health potions and magical bandages. Use them often to fill up the health bar on the left upper corner of the screen.

Make sure you take advantage of all the gadgets around you to keep the pony alive! Even if your pony loses all its health, the game will reload from the last checkpoint, called the Emergency Rescue System!

You have so much to discover in the dark yet fascinating realm of post-apocalyptic Equestria! Your pony will face some unexpected adventures that will make you look at the My Little Pony universe from a different point of view. Be brave and give it a try!