What are the most popular Shooting Games?

  1. Battle for Slugterra
  2. Ben 10: Vilgax Takedown
  3. Raft Wars
  4. Strike Force Heroes 2
  5. Battle for the Matrix
  6. Awesomest Battle in History
  7. Mechtech Weapons Challenge
  8. X-Borg Blaster
  9. Cactus McCoy 2
  10. Fallout Equestria: Remains

What are the best Shooting Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Raft Wars
  2. X-Borg Blaster
  3. Mario FPS
  4. Titanic Heartbreak
  5. Raft Wars 2

Shoot 'em up!

There's nothing more thrilling than blasting enemies in Shooting Games! Everyone needs to let go of stress sometimes. The best way to relax is to grab a weapon, find some ammo, and go up against foes. In the world of video games, of course! Boom, boom, and all your worries go away!

Shooter games are one of the most popular subgenres of action games. Therefore, chances are you've probably played one before! As the name suggests, they focus on fighting enemies using a weapon. While firearms like guns are the most popular, you can use any long-range weapon, like bows or slingshots. Naturally, you can't shoot without bullets or arrows. Therefore, finding ammo and gathering bonuses is also part of the fun.

Can you imagine the world of gaming without shooters? The first one came out almost forty years ago before modern computers existed! Employees and students at MIT invented it on a mini-computer developed there. The game featured an epic laser battle between two spaceships floating in outer space.

They couldn't have guessed that Spacewar would be the parent of video games as we know them. Besides, it gave birth to one of the most popular types of games and many sub-genres, such as first-person, third-person, run-and-gun, and target games. Luckily, you can try them all here!

Nowadays, shooting challenges allow players of all ages to forget their daily lives and focus on a satisfying mission. Embodying a hero that is armed to his teeth feels so powerful! Moreover, each blast of the gun raises adrenaline levels. There's nothing more thrilling!

Be fast and precise!

More than anything, shooting challenges are skill-based. After all, pulling the trigger at the right time requires lightning-fast reflexes! Beginners will need to practice their hand-eye coordination to ace these challenges. 

Even seasoned fans of the genre will have a chance to sharpen their reflexes. Enemies become faster and more dangerous within each level. As a result, adrenaline is always running high, and your skills will be constantly challenged. Boredom be gone!

What is more, these thrilling challenges rely on focus. Blindly shooting round after round isn't enough to win! On the contrary, keeping a cool head in any situation is the key to success. After all, regardless of how fast you shoot, you'll still have to reach your target! Finding the balance between precision and swiftness takes a lot of practice. However, it helps you ace any shooting challenge!

Many people think shooters are mindless activities. However, they couldn't be more wrong! Some challenges here force players to rely on tactics to succeed in their mission. For instance, you can use stealth to overcome strong enemies by shooting from behind objects or going to a higher place. If foes outnumber you, you can switch weapons or ammo to keep them at bay. Grenades can solve many problems! Therefore, a good shooter always keeps his head in the game.

Above all, shooters reward determination. Finishing a mission on the first try is nearly impossible. However, if you keep persevering and practicing, you'll soon find you can overcome mighty enemies. Impossible levels can feel like a breeze after gaining more experience and skill. Ambition will turn you into an ace of shooting games!

Can you ace all types of Shooting Games?

As you know, shooting games are varied, with many sub-genres. Therefore, depending on your skill level and mood, you can feel the rush of shooting up enemies in many ways. No matter what perspective you prefer, one thing is sure: you'll have a blast taking down all your enemies!

First-person shooters are so immersive! They'll make you feel the adventure to its fullest by putting you in the shoes of the brave hero. What is more, you'll be able to look into the eyes of your enemies before you take them down. How intense! If you'd like to feel the thrill, some of our first-person challenges will surprise you. For instance, the Mario FPS game will help you see the friendly plumber from a new perspective!

On the other hand, third-person shooting games change the focus on the environment. The wider perspective allows you to make use of your environment and use it to get an edge over your foes. What is more, these games tend to cross over with platform challenges. The combination of the two genres is wildly fun! If you're a fan of both, challenges like the Plazma Burst game are the perfect choice.

Sooting games doesn't have to be a solo experience! On the contrary, sometimes it's even better to take down enemies with a team of heroes! Each member has different skills they bring to the table. It's up to you to pick the perfect combination and blast down some nasty enemies. For example, with its impressive graphics and complex gameplay, the Strike Force Heroes 2 game will bring your shooting skills to new heights!

To sum up, Shooting Games can bring a much-needed adrenaline rush. If you spend enough time playing these games, you'll surely release some steam!

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