What are the most popular Mystery Games?

  1. Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt
  2. Crystal Cove Online
  3. Bump in the Night
  4. Best Game Ever
  5. Episode 4 - Pirate Ship of Fools
  6. Episode 1 - The Ghost Pirate Attacks
  7. The Mystery of the Mayan Sword
  8. Episode 2 - Neptune's Nest
  9. Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt 2
  10. Episode 4 - The Temple of Lost Souls

What are the best Mystery Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt
  2. Bump in the Night
  3. Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt 2
  4. The Hook-Up
  5. The Twin Mystery Vortex of Doom

Untangle the clues and find the truth!

Experience the unique thrill of uncovering the truth with Mystery Games! People have always had a fascination with seemingly unexplainable events. Every once in a while, mysterious affairs leave everyone puzzled. Some people accept it as it is, while others spend their lives trying to find the reasons behind it. If you're part of the latter, you might fit the job profile of a detective! 

Unfortunately, this job can be far less glamorous in real life than it might seem. However, games offer the perfect outlet for any mystery lover. From behind the keyboard, you can safely experience the rush of adrenaline that comes with finding a new clue or unmasking the villain. That's why the genre has so many fans, ranging from school kids to adults. As long as you have a curious nature and a talent for puzzle-solving, you'll enjoy the thrill of these challenges!

What fans of all ages love about mystery-solving is that they're immersive! This genre features some of the best storytelling in the gaming world. With the help of music, graphics, and character design, players can truly forget about their daily lives and put on their detective hats! In this new role, they might discover or develop some new talents!

Develop the skills of a true detective!

In each step of solving a case, the investigator will have to show different skills. For instance, the first step of any investigation is gathering all the data. Naturally, it involves finding all the reports, talking to witnesses, and looking for clues. You can't miss anything! Only those with a keen eye and attention to detail will succeed!

After gathering all the clues, you'll need to sort the facts from lies. As you can imagine, this will challenge the detective's critical thinking and wits. Who is lying and why? With some practice, you'll be able to read the signs and make deductions like a real investigator!

However, the work of a detective stretches further than just mind games. They need to be prepared to do anything to gather all the data, connect the dots, and uncover the truth! For example, they might need to sneak into a guarded building or take down dangerous foes.

Besides, unexpected events and shocking turns can happen at any time! Therefore, you'll need a dose of courage and cold blood to follow this career path!

These are just a bunch of skills and traits you'll develop if you explore this realm of mysteries! Like any experienced detective, you'll improve with every case you solve. Therefore, you should gather your courage and choose your first quest. You'll become more agile and observant as a result!

Try every flavor of Mystery Games!

It doesn't matter if you're a new detective or a seasoned investigator! This category covers all levels and skill sets. If you're looking for a relaxing case to sharpen your senses, you should try one of our clue-finding quests. They focus on the initial stage of any quest, the hunt for hints.

Usually, you'll have to find a series of objects at the crime scene. Given all the clutter, it'll be a mighty task to win in challenges like the House of Anubis: Uncovered Secrets game!

On the other hand, particular cases are only fit for those who are truly daring. If you love the adrenaline of ambushes and fights, you should try them. After all, a true detective will do anything to solve the case! Prove that you have both brain power and muscles by trying the Total Drama: Best Game Ever game!

Are you a fan of roleplay? Some games in this category shine because they set up an epic atmosphere. For instance, you can play the Evermoor High game to become immersed in the realm of a mysterious high school. You'll feel just like a student!

Lastly, some games in this category take the concept of world-building to a whole new level. More precisely, they include large maps, including an entire town and its surroundings. The player is free to explore them, uncovering dozens of activities and characters.

What is more, they're always changing and interactive! As a result, you can solve a new mystery weekly in games like Crystal Cove Online. How thrilling!

All in all, Mystery Games are great for those who are curious and willing to do anything to find out the truth! Whether you're looking for a relaxed challenge or a hair-raising adventure, you'll find the mystery you need here!

There are currently 57 free online Mystery games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.