Adventure Time: Saw Game

Help Finn free Jake from Jigsaw's prison in the Adventure Time: Saw Game. Explore the Land of Ooo for clues and items to help you get past any challenge!

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About Adventure Time: Saw Game

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A horrifying disaster happened in Adventure Time: Saw game! Jigsaw, an evil character with a creepy face, came to the Land of Ooo and imprisoned Jake the Dog. Now, his best friend, Finn the Human, should search for his location and save him. However, Jigsaw will not make his mission easy, so could you join him?

Through his actions, the villain wants to test Finn with some twisted games to make the hero overcome his fears. Also, there will be many dangers awaiting you along this journey. Your goal is to use your mind and get past any trick prepared by Jigsaw. Will you surpass his evil and reunite Finn with his best friend?

How to Play

Your mouse will be the only tool you need for exploring and interacting with all the objects you will find in Ooo. The first item you will have is also the most important, a map of the land. It will be handy because it can take you to places like Finn and Jake's Tree Fort, Ice King's Palace, Candy Kingdom, and many other spots around the realm.

Your path is full of Jigsaw's puzzles, and your job is to search your surroundings for items and clues to help you clear them. Everything you pick up will add to your inventory. Don't worry! You can access them at any point you want. Once you successfully use some items, they will disappear, and you will no longer need them.

You will also have to interact with loads of people around Ooo. For example, when you go to the Candy Kingdom, you will first have to solve some of the math problems given by the Gumball Guardians. Also, people like Tree Trunks or Princess Bubblegum will have some tasks for you to complete. You should help these friends because they will have some rewards to help you in your travels!

So, are you ready to start your journey and see if you can free Jake and defeat Jigsaw's game? If so, let's enter the Land of Ooo and begin this journey!