Adventure Time Jam

Help Finn and Jake catch the Ninja King in the Adventure Time: Jam game. Plan your moves carefully until both friends have their hands on their opponent!

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Finn the Human and his loyal friend, Jake the Dog, are in a bit of a pickle in the Adventure Time: Jam game! They found themselves in a house full of rooms, and they need to catch the Ninja King. However, he always disappears when one of them comes close. So, could you help the guys grab him?

Each time Finn or Jake makes a move, the other will follow but in the opposite direction. Your role is to synchronize their movements as best as possible so they can get their hands on the Ninja King. Be careful, though! If only one grabs him, the ninja will still be able o escape.

How to Play

To move the characters around, you only need your mouse. However, you can only decide where one of the two friends goes. Also, they can move only to the adjacent rooms.

Once you make your choice, the other character will move too, but in the opposite direction. Meaning if Finn walks to the room on his right, Jake will enter the room on his left, and so on. So, try to have a plan before taking any steps.

There will also be some obstacles that might serve you well if you know how to use them. For example, some rooms have walls you can't cross, so you can try to get one of your characters in there. Then, you can move the other in the opposite direction of the wall. You will not influence the other friend by doing so, and you can create more ways to catch the Ninja King!

Lastly, try to take advantage of the stairs. There will be many, and you can use them to go to the upper and lower floors. However, to maximize the worth of each move, try to observe what rooms the Ninja King prefers to hide in to predict his movements. This way, you can be one step ahead of him, and Finn and Jake will surely catch him.

Are you ready to start the fun and see if you can catch the Ninja King? If so, let's join Finn and Jake. They can't wait to see how you'll do.