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Look for the missing words in the Adventure: Time Word Search game! Solve the puzzle and find familiar names like Finn and Jake while training your memory!

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The Characters of your favorite cartoon have prepared the Adventure Time: Word Search game just for you! Do you want to practice your English skills, or maybe just to train your mind? Then this is the right challenge!

What we have here is a classic word search game, so your job is pretty straightforward: use your skills and untangle the words as fast as possible! You should use your intelligence and thinking abilities to your advantage, all while paying attention. You are looking for your favorite friends' names, after all!

How to Play

This may seem quite easy at first, but you should be careful! You are playing against the clock, so remember to watch the timer on the left side of the screen as well.

When you find a word, all you have to do is to use your mouse to click on the first letter and drag until you have a line connecting to the last letter.

You are looking for familiar names, such as Jake, Marceline, or Ice King. They can be hidden quite well, so begin by searching for the starting letter of a word. Remember to study up and down each row and column, and even diagonally.

The quicker you find the words, the more stars you will earn at the end of the game! You can get as many as three stars, but don't get discouraged if you don't get them the first time. You can retry this challenge as many times as you'd like. 

Also, every time you restart, the letters rearrange, giving you a new goal to work towards.

If you're ready, then put your mind to the test along with your friends from Adventure Time!