Jake & Finn's Candy Dive

A witch has cursed the Candy Kingdom in the Jake & Finn's Candy Dive game! Help Finn and Jake collect all the floating sweets and save the Candy people!

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About Jake & Finn's Candy Dive Game

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Sweets are all over the place in Jake & Finn's Candy Dive game! The witch has cast a spell for her garden to be sweeter than the Candy Kingdom, so Finn and Jake have taken it upon themselves to save the situation! 

You have to help the beloved characters collect all the candy while getting dropped off by the Rainicorn mid-air! Your job is to make sure they are safe the whole time they are free-falling! Finn and Jake are counting on you for this new mission! Get yourself ready and save the Candy people!

How to Play

Once the Rainicorn drops Finn and Jake off, you need to direct them through the air! Use the Right and Left arrow keys to move the characters in the direction the candies are! If you feel like they are falling to quickly, press the Up button! This will activate Finn's parachute, and they will slow down! However, the faster they fall, the more points they get while collecting the candy!

At the same time, they have to save the Candy people! You will find them floating in the air! There is a total of five characters that you need to collect! Try not to miss any of them, as it is crucial to get them back to the Candy Kingdom!

You can also get power-ups that will help you throughout your journey! For example, the Rainicorn appears randomly to get you back to the candy you have missed! Thus, you get another chance at increasing your scores! However, there are also obstacles! If you happen to collect a wooden hammer, it will send you down quickly! This way, you won't be able to get any colorful bonbons! 

Finn and Jake have made it their job to save the Candy people and their kingdom! Gather all your strength and support your friends in this new quest!