These Lumps

The Lumpy Space Prince is slaying the dancefloor in the These Lumps game! You need to help him kick people off while not running out of time and energy!

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About These Lumps Game

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The Lumpy Space Princess has kidnapped the Ice King in the These Lumps game! She wants him to bring to life her story about the Lumpy Space Prince! As she is telling him her tale, you need to act it out! 

Your role is to portray the Lumpy Space Prince and play the game in the story! In the game, you need to kick people off the dance floor! However, there is a catch! When you start dancing, your character does not have much strength!

How to Play

The Lumpy Space Prince entered the dancefloor, and he needs to move across it! To do this, you have to control him by using the mouse! You need to target the dancers that have a smaller spotlight! Your character can only hit them at first! Each time he knocks a smaller dancer, his spotlight grows! 

If he bumps a character with a bigger spotlight, he loses some of his energy. When he is entirely out of strength, the game is lost! To avoid getting harmed, you can click on the mouse! This makes the Lumpy Space Prince float in the air! However, he loses energy by doing that, so keep him on the ground as much as possible! 

You need to keep an eye on the clock and not let your character run out of time! He only has two minutes and twenty seconds to complete each level! Nonetheless, you will get bonuses on the dancefloor that can get you extra time or extra energy! You just need to pay attention and collect them before they disappear! 

The Lumpy Space Prince needs your help to complete his story! Jump on the dancefloor and start knocking characters off it!