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Play the Sound Castle game to help Finn defend the castle from attacks! Take down the flying enemies with famous catchphrases from the show!

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About Sound Castle Game

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You'll love Sound Castle game if you enjoy the quirky characters from the Adventure Time series! Have you ever wanted to experience one of their thrilling escapades? Now you have the opportunity to join them as they defend their castle from dangerous enemies. What is more, your primary weapons will be famous catch-phrases from the show. Isn't that interesting?

Finn is in charge of a majestic castle. However, as it often happens, he finds himself in a sticky situation. Can you help him survive the incoming attack? Your enemies will come in floating on colored clouds. Stop them from destroying the walls of your fortress! 

How to Play

The game consists of a grueling battle between you and the forces of evil. How long can you go? Each round ends when a part of your castle gets destroyed entirely. Are you ready to start playing?

You will need to be very swift if you want to succeed. Prepare to defend your castle from enemies that come in floating on clouds! To eliminate a foe, click on one of the buttons underneath them. The catch is that you need to match the color of the button with the color of the cloud. Can you handle up to three colors? Try to navigate between the pink, blue, and orange buttons as fast as you can!

Each bullet you fire at your foes is a famous quote from your favorite series. Pop the clouds with cool phrases like 'Algebraic,' 'Holy Fig,' or 'It's Adventure Time'! Doesn't that sound cool?

There's more you should know!

Are you getting cornered by enemies? Don't worry, your friends have your back! Click on one of the five yellow buttons to obliterate all the enemies on the respective column! However, you should keep in mind that Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, and your other friends can only help you again after a cooldown period. Therefore, you should only use them if you are in big trouble!

Speaking of bonuses, you should know that there's another important one to look out for. Have you noticed all the flying swords? Take them down using phrases of the correct color to fill the red button in the center of the screen. Once it's charged, press it to yell out the phrase 'It's Adventure Time!' and clear out all the baddies on screen. What an awesome move!

How far can you go in this exciting adventure? If you manage to survive long enough, you will need to face a dreadful dragon. Can you beat him and save Finn's castle? Come out of this confrontation with an intact fortress, and you will receive a high score!

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