Finn and Jake are facing the elements in the Elemental game! Help them defeat the Ice King, outrun Slime, rescue Candy people, and fight the Flame King!

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About Elemental Game

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Finn and Jake have embarked on a grand adventure in the Elemental game! They are going to face all four elements and see how quickly they can win! The Land of the Ooo is a mysterious place, and your friends will need all the assistance they can get!

Your job is to accompany them throughout all four dimensions, Ice to Meet You, Slime Time, Flame War, and Candy Smash! Each element requires different gameplay, so you need to pay great attention! Your friends will face difficult challenges, and you have to protect them at all costs! Keep them out of trouble and complete each level successfully!

How to play the mini-games

The Ice King sent a cloud of snow after Finn and Jake in the Ice to Meet You chapter! Your friends need to escape that, so you must press the Up and Down, Right and Left arrows! This way, they can skate around the ice platforms and get away from danger! Collect Skates, and you will be able to move faster! Also, try to get as many gems as possible to increase your final points!

In the Slime Time chapter, Finn and Jake have to run through the tunnels and get away from the slime monster! To do this, you must tap on the Right arrow, and they will go faster! Also, you can press the Spacebar anytime they need to make a jump! Avoid all obstacles, and try to collect as many gems as possible for better scores! 

The Fame War part puts your heroes up against the Flame King! He will try to eliminate your friends, so you must act swiftly! Follow the notes at the bottom of the screen and when they are at the colorful line, click on them! This will nullify the flames and get you more points! If you miss any of them, the Fame King will be able to throw flames at you!

For the Candy Smash chapter, Finn and Jake have to save the Candy people! They are all captive in a box, and you have to click on their image to rescue them! Zombies also appear, and you have to avoid clicking on them at all costs. Otherwise, you'll lose a life! If this happens, try to hit Lemongrab three times to get it back! Save as many people as possible to get higher scores!  

Finn and Jake are getting to know the Four Elements in this game, so you need to keep a close eye on them! Help them complete all the challenges and finish up with a bang!