Lemon Break

The people of Lemongrab are held captive in the Lemon Break game! Help Finn release them, gather all the lemons, and defeat his enemies along the way!

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Saving the day begs for a refreshment in the Lemon Break game! Lemongrab locked his people in cages, and they need to be set free! So, Finn decided to help Flambo, BMO, Tree Trunks, Neptr, and Lemonhope escape the awful lemon prison!

You have to assist Finn on his way through the dungeon, and guide him around! Help him find the cages where his friends are and release them! He also needs to collect as many lemons as possible on his journey! Gather all of them and better your scores at the end of each level!

How to Play

At first, Finn might be disoriented, but the information sign will help him find his way! You have to direct him by pressing the Right and Left arrows! When the pathway is too narrow, press the Down button, and he will crawl! Also, he might need to jump to different heights! In this case, use the Up arrow to get to the high platforms!

To unlock the Lemon People, you need to move in front of their cages! Once they are free, they will give you lemons! These help you increase your scores, so gather all of them! Even better, some of the prisoners can get you bonus powers! For example, Flambo gives Finn the ability to throw flames! These can destroy walls or enemies, and you can use them by pressing the Spacebar!

However, not all creatures in the cave are friendly! Along his path, Finn can get in contact with giant rats or spooky bats! If they touch your friend, he loses a life! He only has three, so take care! Also, Lemongrab sometimes appears to throw bombs at Finn! Thankfully, you can destroy them by jumping on them or using your special abilities!

Finn feels like he is the only one who can save the people of Lemongrab! So, you have to roll up your sleeves and help him defeat the town's evil ruler!