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The Ice King is keeping the Adventure Time Princesses captive in the Frosty Fight game! Because of this, Finn has decided to do something and save the poor characters from their ice prison! But things don’t seem to go according to his plan since his enemies are monitoring his every move! 

He has to move across ice blocks without falling into the water! Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Princess Cookie, and many others are waiting for your friend to save them! Your job is to make sure he follows the right path to the girls! Pay great attention and help Finn defeat the mischievous Ice King!

How to play the game

Finn has to move across the blocks of ice to reach his destination! To direct him around, you need to press the Up, Down, Right and Left arrows! Make sure you pay attention to the right path! If your friend falls into the freezing water, the game will stop! 

You should also collect all the colorful gems that appear on top of every block of ice! They help you charge Finn’s mighty sword! He uses it to break through the icy prisons and set the princesses free! Even better, bonus items can appear throughout the game! You can collect coins to better your scores, or jump on switches to further reach platforms apart! 

Keep in mind that the Ice King and his minions are trying to hinder Finn’s plans of saving the princesses! They are following his every move and will try to push him off the platforms! You need to be careful and change your direction if necessary! Also, not all the places are safe to jump to! Look out for fires, unstable ice blocks, and other obstacles to keep your friend unharmed!  

Finn has taken it upon himself to save the princesses of the Land of the Ooo! You must rise to the occasion and help your friend fulfill his plans!

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