Wizard Battle

Magic took the town by storm in the Wizard Battle game! Help Finn practice his spells, win each battle, and become the best wizard in the Land of the Ooo!

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About Wizard Battle Game

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Magic has taken the Land of the Ooo by storm in the Wizard Battle game! The Grand Master of Ceremonies has come to town and wants to teach all the Adventure Time characters how to use their powers! So, they cannot wait to take on this new responsibility and start a new adventure! 

You need to help the characters practice their magic! Your job is to enter the mystical tournaments and fight against the experimented warlocks and witches! You can play as Finn, Jake, or other Adventure Time character to win each battle! Get your robe on and start making up spells to defeat the other wizards! 

How to Play

The Grand Master will be there for you with every step you take! His job is to prepare you for battle, so listen closely to his words! When you are in the arena, you will have to move around the platforms and find your enemies! Use the Up and Down, Right and Left arrows to walk freely! Also, to prepare your attack, press the X and C keys, and you will be able to do two different types of spells!

At first, you can only play as Finn, but you can unlock other players once you get better! Also, make sure you win every battle to get more red diamonds! You can use them to unlock tournaments and arenas! Even more, you can use them to go to the shop and upgrade your character's skills and armor! 

There are many ways to improve your magic skills! You can go to the Play Arena and try your luck against your opponents! This is a great way to practice and test your skills! Or, you can opt for the Daily Challenge Arena, where you get new battles every day! Make a routine and come back every day for new adventures in the realm of wizards! 

Your Adventure Time friends are trying their best to learn magic and win tournaments! You must enter the fascinating adventures and make sure that you get the title of Master Wizard!