What are the most popular Upgrade Games?

  1. Ben 10: Galactic Champions
  2. Finn & Bones
  3. Cars: Lightning Speed
  4. Ben 10: Ultimate Defense
  5. Battle for Power
  6. Jumping Finn
  7. Swords and Sandals 2
  8. Stick War
  9. Awesomest Battle in History
  10. Drift Boss

What are the best Upgrade Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Ben 10: Galactic Champions
  2. Finn & Bones
  3. Cars: Lightning Speed
  4. Ben 10: Ultimate Defense
  5. Jumping Finn

Help your hero improve!

Upgrade Games are perfect for those who are always trying to be better! They reward a player's hard work with new skills, weapons, or tools. Armed with their newly-found abilities, the protagonist can go even further in the game, earning more points. Can you guess what happens next? Naturally, the player can exchange them for other novel abilities, and so on.

Most videogames have some improvement system included in their mechanic. What makes upgrade challenges different is that they're built around the idea of progress! In the beginning, you'll start with a bare-bones character or vehicle. As you can imagine, that won't get you too far in the game! However, if you try your best for a few rounds, you'll soon gather enough points to make your first upgrade! 

Once you have some points, you can use them to your advantage. Depending on the type of challenge you choose, you can focus on different abilities, power-ups, and upgrades to take you further in your adventure. After all, this category hosts a wide variety of challenges. Nevertheless, the goal is the same - become better fast!

With every upgrade, your gaming experience will change. Investing in your hero's abilities, power-ups, and tools will allow you to move through the level differently. By the end, it might feel like you're playing an entirely different game! Therefore, upgrade challenges are perfect for gamers of all ages who get bored quickly. No matter your skills, likes, and dislikes, they'll stimulate you to keep improving! 

Upgrade your skills along the way!

Some of the most popular upgrade challenges feature the story of a young hero at the beginning of their journey. With every experience, they become more powerful and adapted to the world around them. Like these heroes, you'll progress and gain new skills by trying the challenges in this category!

To begin with, they'll teach the player to be more perseverant! At first, all these challenges might feel tedious, as your hero or vehicle will move slowly and clumsily through the environment. Yikes! It takes ambition to power through the first rounds.

However, players who prove their patience and keep practicing won't go unrewarded! By nature, upgrade games encourage players to stick by their character. With every replay comes a chance to earn at least a few points. Consequently, even if they don't get far, the score will add up eventually!

Soon enough, a player will have enough to purchase power-ups and weapons or improve traits like health and stamina. These changes can make a seemingly impossible challenge become a fun adventure. As a result, the satisfaction of seeing the hero improve will keep players glued to the keyboard!

What is more, decisions matter in upgrade challenges! After every round, it's up to each gamer to pick what to invest in. For instance, some players value control over swiftness in their game. In contrast, others reach their goal by using special abilities and power-ups. It's up to each player to experiment with their skills and find the perfect balance!

Experience all types of Upgrade Games!

Classic upgrade games focus on an unskilled hero who sets out on a dangerous quest. The player will train their hero and help them reach their goal. The more humble their origins, the better it'll feel to see them win! 

For instance, the Johnny Upgrade game pushes upgrades to the extreme. The superhero starts with a limited number of controls and just three seconds on the timer. Earning the ability to double jump or finding a weapon after many replays couldn't be more satisfying! 

It's not just heroes that can improve! Cars, planes, sleds, rockets, or any other type of vehicle can get an upgrade. Each add-on will make the ride look and perform better on the course. Besides, sometimes even the race track can be adapted to the vehicle! Adrenaline fans have a lot of races to choose from, from car derbies to silly contests like the Learn to Fly game. Who knew launching penguins would be so challenging and fun? 

Idle games are one of the most addictive challenges in this genre. As their name suggests, they let the player sit back and watch the points roll in. However, the key to success is a careful set-up! Before clicking play, a player should think of how to use resources to earn as many points as possible without lifting a finger.

For example, the DualForce Idle game lets gamers take control of a castle attacked by monsters. Investing in traps and turrets to strengthen the defenses will kill more monsters, bringing in more cash with a few clicks!

All in all, Upgrade Games are anything but boring! They push players to try new things and adapt while being addictive and fun. There's no choice but to keep playing and improving!

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