Duck Life 3: Evolution

Continue the duck-racing adventure in the DuckLife 3: Evolution game! Pick your genetically modified duck, and train hard to win the new leagues!

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About Duck Life 3: Evolution Game

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DuckLife 3: Evolution game is the third chapter in the Duck Life series. This time, the adventure takes a new turn with a fun twist: the farmer somehow managed to invent genetically modified ducks. These ducks aren't just any ducks - they're bred to be champions, each specializing in a unique skill.

Your mission is to pick one of these special ducks and train it to be the best. You'll guide your duck through various skills training and races, aiming to be the winner across different leagues and become the world champion! Are you up for this challenge?

How to Play

Your adventure begins by choosing one of four special ducks, each with its own best skill. Your job is to train your duck in four key areas: running, flying, climbing, and swimming. How? You'll use the arrow keys on your keyboard. For instance, in the running mode, you'll use the Up arrow to jump over obstacles and collect coins. Each training game works a bit like this but tests different skills.

Training isn't just for fun; it makes your duck stronger and better at each skill. As you play these training games and get better at them, your duck levels up. That means your duck can run faster, fly higher, swim quicker, and climb better in the races.

While you're training, you'll also collect coins. You can use these coins for various things, such as raising the maximum level your duck can reach or boosting your duck's energy, which it really needs for the races.

When you've trained hard and feel your duck is strong in running, flying, climbing, and swimming, it's race time. This is when you get to watch your hard work pay off as your duck competes. See how your training has made your duck faster and stronger, and cheer it on to victory!

What's New in Duck Life 3

This version introduces an exciting feature - evolution. At the start, you get to pick one of four ducks, each with its own special skill. The coolest part? As you progress and win leagues, your duck evolves, getting stronger and better at what it does. Each league also brings new training facilities that are as fun as they are challenging.

The game is divided into three big leagues to compete in, each in a different place. It starts at the farm, with the Amateur League, where the idea of these super ducks began. Next, the action moves to the Advanced League on the bustling streets of London. The last one is the Professional League, located on Easter Island. As you travel from one location to the next, both the races and the training ramp up in difficulty, making every victory more rewarding.

DuckLife 3: Evolution brings a fresh twist to the beloved series with its unique ducks and challenging leagues. Ready to train and evolve your champion duck? Start your adventure to become the world champion today!

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