Rotate and Roll

Join the fun in the Rotate and Roll game, guiding cheerful balls to their goal! With 40 levels of physics-based puzzles, it's a good rolling time.

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About Rotate and Roll Game

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Rotate and Roll is a fun, physics-based game filled with twists, turns, and exciting challenges. With a total of 40 exciting levels, each one filled with colorful and interesting designs, it's your job to maneuver the balls toward the exit bubble.

In this adventure, you're the guide for little balls, helping them roll their way to safety. To accomplish your mission, you'll need to rotate the screen just right to guide them to the exit point. Remember, getting there is not always as easy as it looks!

How to Play

Controlling the game is quite simple. You'll only need these keys:

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Rotate the game screen left or right.

 - Enter: Restart the level or move to the next one after completing it.

In your journey through the levels, you'll sometimes see a star. Collect it! These stars are necessary to activate the exit point in some levels. Each star you collect brings you one step closer to your goal.

At the same time, beware of the Ghost Balls and the Evil Balls! Touching any of these is bad news; you'll have to restart the level. Plus, make sure you don't fall off the ramps - that'll also lead to a level restart.

While playing, remember to use your arrow keys wisely to control the rotation of the screen. This is the key to guiding the balls in the right direction. Pay close attention to where the balls are going and adjust your rotation accordingly.

Rotate and Roll is all about balance, patience, and fun! Each level is a new puzzle waiting to be solved. Have fun guiding those cheerful little balls to the exit bubble, and enjoy your exciting journey through this colorful, physics-based world.