Harry the Hamster 3

🐹 Roll into some garden fun with Harry the Hamster 3: Rollin' Rodent game! Can you help Harry bounce, splat baddies, and munch on food to win?

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About Harry the Hamster 3 Game

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Get ready for another exciting journey in the Harry the Hamster 3: Rollin' Rodent game! This time, Harry was happily rolling around in his hamster ball in the garden, but a mean cat trapped him and sent his naughty servants to attack!

You're Harry's only hope in this game! Your job is to guide Harry safely through six thrilling levels. Watch out for the evil cat's servants, and remember to keep Harry's energy up by finding food. Only you can help Harry get away from the mean cat and continue his fun adventure in the garden!

How to Play

Controlling Harry is easy. Here's what you should know:

 - Arrow keys: Move Harry around.

 - Spacebar: Jump.

Harry can squish the mean cat's servants by jumping right on their heads! When you splat all the baddies, you get a special code. This code helps you unlock the next level and keep Harry's adventure going!

However, remember that Harry needs energy to keep moving. If his energy runs out, the game is over. But don't worry, you can find food for Harry to restore his energy. Just use the map to find where the food and the baddies are.

What else you should know

In this game, you can earn points in funny ways! You get points for splatting the baddies, bouncing on toadstools, and even squishing poo (yuck!). But remember, try not to crush the pretty plants or use too much food, or else you will lose points.

Playing this game is a wild ride full of bouncing, rolling, and squishing! Make sure to use your map, keep Harry's energy up, and splat those baddies. With your help, Harry can escape the mean cat and continue his garden adventure. Are you ready to roll with Harry? Let's go!

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