The Amazing Dare-Dozen

Exercise precision and patience in The Amazing Dare-Dozen game! Can you launch the twelve eggs from nest to nest and reach the very top of the tree?

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Enjoy the serene atmosphere of the forest and the chirping birds with The Amazing Dare-Dozen game! If you are looking for a way to get away from the stress of daily life, you might enjoy this quirky adventure. Can you believe that the main character is a carton of eggs? Even if it sounds silly, you'll find that excelling in this challenge requires plenty of patience and precision!

Your daring mission is to reach the top of the tree by launching eggs from one nest to the other. However, there's a catch! The nests are moving! Besides, a single mistake will cost you one of your precious eggs. As a result, you should move carefully, just like you're walking on eggshells!

How to Play

Just like many of Ferry Halim's games, the beauty of this adventure lies in its simplicity. Here is what you have to do:

 - Click on the nest: Launch the egg.

The key to getting a high score is to be patient and precise. Before starting to launch eggs, you should take a few seconds to observe. With the help of your wits, you'll find the right moment to launch the egg and land it perfectly in the nest above. It might take some practice, but landing a throw gives you great satisfaction!

As the game's name suggests, you start this journey with a carton filled with a dozen eggs. Each of them will represent one of your lives. Therefore, every time an egg doesn't land, you're one step closer to the end of this daring journey. On the contrary, if your egg lands safely in the egg above, you'll get 10 points. How many can you gather before running out of ammo?

Besides cultivating your precision, you'll also have the chance to work on your concentration. The background and sound effects will help you become immersed and only think about the task in front of you. For instance, the birds chirping and the wind blowing among the leaves will help you make better launches. How amazing!