The Bird and The Sea

Fly over the ocean and collect fish with The Bird and The Sea game. Are you ready for beautiful graphics, calming soundtrack, and challenging gameplay?

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About The Bird and The Sea Game

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In The Bird and The Sea game by Ferry Halim, players take on the role of a bird trying to collect fish from the sea. The game is set in a beautiful ocean landscape with colorful fish, corals, and sea creatures.

The gameplay is simple yet challenging. Your role is to time your jumps carefully to collect as many fish as possible with every dive. However, there's a time limit you must consider when trying to set a new high score.
Let's get it started!

How to Play

You'll only need your mouse to control the bird. Here's how to do it:

 - Mouse: Move the bird left or right.

 - Press & Hold the Left-Click: Perform a dive.

 - Rapidly press the Left-Click: Flap bird's wings.

The tricky part is to time your jumps to gather as many fish as possible. This is not always easy since the fish constantly move, and your mobility is limited during a dive.

At the same time, you can only stay in the water for a short time, so you should also keep an eye on the Oxygen meter. If it gets empty, it's game over.

What else you should know

There's also a 60-second time limit you need to take into account. However, with every 300 points you get, you'll also get some time extension.

Lastly, try to grab more than one fish in a dive. This way, you'll also get some bonus points each time, which will count towards your final score.

The game has beautiful hand-drawn graphics and a calming soundtrack, creating a cozy gaming experience. Whether you're a bird lover or just looking for a relaxing game to pass the time, this is definitely worth a play.