Starry Night

Help the glowing star light up the night sky in Ferry Halim's Starry Night game! Use a magical bubble to bounce the star and wake up sleepy stars!

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About Starry Night Game

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Hello, little star-chasers! Have you ever looked up at the night sky and seen twinkling stars? In Ferry Halim's Starry Night game, the stars need your help to shine bright and fill the sky with light.

You'll become a magical helper who brings life to the dark stars. Your mission? Bounce a glowing yellow star around and light up the other stars!

How to Play

In this starry adventure, you'll use your mouse to control a bubble. This isn't just any bubble, it's a special bubble that helps the yellow star bounce around.

Your shiny yellow star will fall from the sky, and it's your job to bounce it with your bubble. The goal is to make the yellow star touch the dark, sleepy stars. When it does, they'll wake up and shine bright!

But be careful! The yellow star can also bounce off the edges of the night sky. If it falls off the bottom, it will come back from the top, but your energy bar will decrease a bit when this happens.

What else you should know

You also have to make sure the dark stars don't fall off the bottom without lighting up because that will also take away some of your energy.

Want a super-cool tip? If you can make the yellow star touch more than one sleepy star in one bounce, you'll get extra points and more energy. So try to light up as many stars as possible with just one bounce!

The night sky is waiting for its brightest stars, and only you can help light it up. Are you ready to make the stars twinkle and shine? Dive into this magical journey and fill the sky with starlight!