Among the Clouds

Enjoy an atmosphere of bliss and relaxation with the Among the Clouds game! Are you ready to steer a hot-air balloon and collect all the green bubbles?

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About Among the Clouds Game

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Escape your daily worries by flying an air balloon in the Among the Clouds game! Can you think of anything more relaxing than exploring the sky? The peaceful music and enchanting atmosphere will transport you to a realm filled with wonder.

Riding an air balloon is a fantasy for many kids and adults alike. Luckily, now this dream can come true! If you're brave enough to try, you'll become the captain of an air balloon floating among the clouds. Besides, you'll have the chance to prove your skills by gathering colorful bubbles. 

How to Play

Even if it sounds challenging, steering an air balloon couldn't be easier. All you need to do is use your mouse:

 - Mouse cursor: Steer the balloon.

 - Mouse click: Fly higher.

While floating in the sky, you'll encounter many green and red balloons. As you might have guessed, gathering the green ones earn you 100 points, while the red ones make you lose 100 points and slow you down. Yikes!

As you steer your air balloon, you'll discover that patience is a priceless quality of any good captain. For instance, every click will only give you a slight boost. The same goes for steering your vehicle, so you'll have to plan the course and move smoothly. That's what makes this game so peaceful and relaxing!

What else you should know

The bar at the top of your screen will let you know where you are in your journey. Luckily, the pace isn't that fast, so you'll have enough time to sit back and enjoy the ride while navigating among all the balloons.

If you avoid picking up any wrong bubbles, your precision will be rewarded with a time bonus at the end of the ride. Nevertheless, getting a high score isn't your main goal in this game!

Unlike other online challenges, this game allows you to focus on the experience rather than the score. Therefore, you should relax and enjoy the small details that make this challenge so relaxing. You can almost feel the wind blowing in your hair while floating among the clouds!