🐒 Play the Monkeyslide game and help the playful monkeys to slide safely home! Dodge sneaky bombs and unite the poles for a jungle joyride.

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In the treetops of a lively jungle, you can play Ferry Halim's Monkeyslide game, where a group of playful monkeys are eager to slide down to their home. They need your help to make their journey safe and fun!

As the game's hero, you're in charge of a special sliding pole. But there's a twist! There are sneaky bombs floating around, and it's up to you to move the pole so our monkey friends can slide safely without bumping into them.

How to Play

Grab your mouse, and get ready to control the top half of the pole! The bottom half? It moves in a fun mirror way, going in the opposite direction of the top. So, if you move the top to the left, the bottom goes to the right, creating a space in between. The magic happens when both parts of the pole meet in the middle, letting our waiting monkeys slide down super fast!

Now, as you're guiding the monkeys, watch out for those tricky floating bombs. You've only got three chances; after that, our pole will break, and the monkeys can't slide down anymore.

On the bright side, the jungle is filled with yummy bananas and shiny blue stars. Bananas give you extra time, so grab them when you can. And those stars? They make your pole invincible for a while, so no bomb can harm it!

Remember to move the poles smoothly, and try to keep them in the center as much as you can so more monkeys can slide down.

Are you ready for the sliding adventure? Let's help these monkeys find their way home and avoid those sneaky bombs. Let the fun begin!