Take on this new fishing challenge in the Fishball game! Dive with your ball and collect as many fish as possible while avoiding the angry Pufferfish!

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It's time to take on a new challenge and show off your fishing skills in the Fishball game! The lake is filled with fish of all kinds, and it's up to you to collect them with one dive! However, it's important to remember that not all fish are harmless! Will you take on this challenge?

Your job is to collect as many fish as possible with your ball while avoiding the angry little Pufferfish! This game requires a lot of focus, so use your skills to control the ball and master a fun new way of fishing!

How to Play

To dive underwater, use your mouse. If you click around the edges of the ball, it will go straight down, left or right, or even diagonally. The more fish you collect with each dive and bring back to the surface, the more points you'll receive!

As your ball dives underwater, you must avoid the Pufferfish! These fish are round and covered in spikes, so you can distinguish them easily! Once you hit a Pufferfish more than three times, it'll be game over, so watch out for the angry fish!

You can collect power-ups during your dives! The blinking yellow star will protect you from the Pufferfish for a few seconds, while the two-times multiplier will double the number of fish you collect in one dive!

Are you ready to master this fishing technique and become the ultimate fisherman? Time to impress everyone with your new skills!