Help the hunter catch prey with his new lasso in the Roperunner game! Can you use the rope to collect as many critters as possible before time runs out?

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About Roperunner Game

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The hunter cannot wait to catch some prey with his new lasso in the Roperunner game! Many bunnies are running wild across the green plains, and the hunter must gather them before the end of the day. However, he has to be careful, as other, more dangerous critters roam around. Can you give him a hand?

Your role is to catch as many bunnies as possible with your rope and avoid those who can cut it before the time runs out. Mastering the lasso takes some practice, but once you get used to it, you'll collect all the critters in one swoop!

How to Play

You can control the direction of the hunter with your cursor. Once you've found your target, click to release the rope and collect the bunnies. The more critters you gather with one swoop of your lasso, the more points you'll receive!

This is a timed challenge, so you must move fast to keep playing! The bar at the top of the screen shows how much time you have before the end of the game. As you collect bunnies, they'll leave time beads behind. You can grab them to add seconds to your timer!

Lastly, there are some unusual critters among the ones you're hunting. For instance, the shield bunny will cut your rope if it's in its way, while the one wearing feathers will give you a unique weapon once caught!

Are you ready to prove your skills and collect the critters that roam the fields? Throw your trusty lasso and catch them all!