Join a starry kid on his cloud to sprinkle magic rain in the Rainmaker game! Can you transform dirty pigeons into lovely doves with each gentle shower?

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About Rainmaker Game

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Up in the blue sky of the Rainmaker game, there's a special little celestial child. He sits on a fluffy cloud and has a very important job to do! He has a magical power to make it rain and turn things clean and shiny.

Your mission? Help this starry kid clean up all the dirty pigeons flying below, and transform them into pretty doves with just a sprinkle of rain. Let's see how to do this!

How to Play

The game is super easy to play! Just move your pointer to guide the cloud and tap or click when you want to make it rain. Remember, our little friend has a big mallet to help him.

Here's the fun part! When you see pigeons flying below, tap or click to make the cloud rain. This magical rain washes the pigeons, turning them into beautiful doves.

But be careful! While our little friend loves to make it rain, he has to make sure no birds touch his cloud. If three birds touch his cloud, the game will be over.

What else you should know

Sometimes, something special floats up from the ground. It's a shiny power-up! Grabbing it makes our little celestial child super strong and untouchable for a while.

Plus, if you clean many pigeons with just one shower, you'll get additional bonus points!

So, are you ready to help the starry kid make the world a cleaner place? Let's show those pigeons the magic of a clean shower and sprinkle some fun together!