Bubble Bees

Experience a relaxing afternoon in a golden sunflower field with the Bubble Bees game! How many black-and-yellow insects can you trap inside soap bubbles?

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If you're looking for a serene activity at the end of a tiring day, play the Bubble Bees game! Sometimes the world can seem like a dull and grey place. Besides, the stress of daily activities can get to you sometimes. Luckily, a bunch of tiny little yellow and black friends will cheer you up in just a few minutes! If you join them on a sunny field filled with sunflowers, you'll surely forget your worries and feel relaxed! 

All you need to succeed in this journey is a wand for blowing bubbles and some soap. With these strange tools, this challenge combines one of the most enjoyable childhood activities with cute insects. Believe it or not, you'll be using the wand to trap bees inside soap bubbles! Can you think of anything more adorable?

How to Play

Your mission might sound quirky and very delicate at first! However, you'll soon find that it's surprisingly simple:

 - Mouse cursor: Slide the wand in any direction.

 - Click: Start/Finish forming the bubble.

While enjoying the scenic background and peaceful music, you should remember not to get distracted. If you keep your eyes on the small buzzing insects, you'll be able to click just in time and capture them inside a soap bubble. You get to enjoy a satisfying sound effect and a higher score every time you catch one or more bees!

Every round of the game only lasts 60 seconds. Therefore, you don't have much time to gain points! Yet, you can earn valuable extra seconds to the timer by catching one of the flying clocks. Now you can spend more time in the sunflower field!

What else you should know

If you're chasing a high score, you can earn it by achieving complicated feats. For instance, catching two bees in the same bubble will grant you 100 points. Can you believe that?

Moreover, you can also try to capture one of the red bees. Given that they're lightning-fast, catching one will prove your skill!

All in all, you'll feel a lot more laid back after spending an afternoon in the company of the bees. There's just something about these tiny buzzing insects and the popping soap bubbles that'll put a smile on your face no matter how tedious your day has been!