It Takes Two

Take collaboration to the next level with the It Takes Two game! Help the kitten and the puppy work together to collect as many tasty treats as possible!

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About It Takes Two Game

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Teamwork makes the dream work in the It Takes Two game! In real life, cats and dogs rarely get along. However, miraculous things happen in Ferry Halim's series of games. More precisely, this unusual challenge will prove that felines and canines can be best friends if they have a good goal. Since both of our fluffy heroes are starving, they'll focus on collecting plenty of tasty snacks for their feast!

With a see-saw, a little ingenuity, and coordination, you'll give the two unlikely pals a chance to eat the feast of their dreams. Pizza, fish, sausages, and yummy bones are just a few of the goodies on the menu. Besides, there's also dessert, like cake! With so many tasty snacks up for grabs, it's up to you to help the two pets collect as many as possible!

How to Play

Here's how to help the two protagonists keep their balance:

 - Spacebar/Mouse cursor to one side of the screen: Switch between the two characters.

 - Click: Jump.

 - Slide cursor: Control the character's trajectory.

There are so many delicious treats floating around. However, the two unlikely pals need to use a see-saw to launch each other and catch the food. With the help of the platforms at the upper level of the screen, you can help them time their jumps precisely to gather as many items as possible!

One of the most challenging aspects of this game is switching between a cat and a dog. If you need a little help to figure out who you're controlling, take a glance above their head! The pet under your command will have a tiny heart above its head. 

What else you should know

Whatever you do, you should ensure not to run out of energy! Each item you eat will give you some, as well as points that count toward your final score. Moreover, the bonus will be even greater if you grab multiple items in one jump or launch.

Above all, you should try to capture as many red hearts as possible to completely replenish the energy bar and get an even bigger bonus. As the game finishes when the bar runs out, this is a great extra to pick up!

With this upbeat and funny game, you'll escape boredom! Besides, all the delicious food is bound to make you hungry. Therefore, you should always have a snack on hand!