Wings Over Water

Join a brave blue bird on a dreamy sky adventure in the Wings Over Water game. Glide, gather birdie buddies, and dodge sneaky hawks in this magical flight!

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About Wings Over Water Game

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Welcome to the magical sky adventure of Ferry Halim's Wings Over Water game! Imagine a world where the soft glow of the moonlight dances on the sea, lovely birds glide gracefully on the wind, and beautiful melodies fill the air. Everything feels calm and peaceful in this dreamy place, just like a gentle lullaby.

You get to soar high as a bright blue bird! Your mission? Guide your bird safely through the skies, gather other little blue friends, and avoid those tricky red hawks and other birds.

How to Play

To guide your blue bird on its journey, simply use your mouse. Your birdie friend will follow wherever the cursor goes, flying up and down as you move.

As you fly, you'll see other little blue birds. Your goal is to get close to them, so they'll join you and form a cute birdie train right behind you. It's like playing a fun Snake game in the sky!

But be careful! There are also red hawks and other birds flying around. You'll want to avoid them because if any bird in your blue birdie train touches them, your group will scatter, and the little birds will go away.

What else you should know

Here's a tip: if things get too tricky, you can click your mouse, and all the blue birds will come together like a tight flock. This makes it easier to dodge the other birds, but it uses up energy. If your energy runs out or if your birdie train keeps touching other birds, the game will end.

On your journey, you'll see some twinkling bonus stars floating around. If you catch them, magical things can happen! Some stars can turn all birds blue, so you can add even more to your train. Others will fill up your energy or make your birdie group stick together for a little bit.

So, are you ready to soar through the serene skies of Wings Over Water? Take a deep breath, let your imagination fly, and embark on a calming sky journey like no other. Spread your wings and enjoy the flight!