Sunny Day Sky

Play the Sunny Day Sky game for an exciting adventure using an umbrella! Help our furry friend glide over cars and enjoy the high-flying fun.

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About Sunny Day Sky Game

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On a bright sunny day, everyone's rushing to the beach in their cars, ready for sandcastles and sun fun. But wait! In the Sunny Day Sky game, our furry little friend thinks differently. Instead of joining the beach crowd, this cute animal-kid has an exciting plan. With a big umbrella in hand, like Mary Poppins, our hero is set to soar above the busy roads, using the cars below as landing spots.

Your mission? Help our adorable adventurer use the umbrella to glide through the sky, hopping from one car roof to another, avoiding any traffic mishaps along the way. It's an umbrella adventure like no other!

How to Play

To fly, you only need to click or tap on your screen. This will open the umbrella and lift our adventurer into the sky. Click or tap again to close it. It's as simple as that!

Now, while in the sky, aim to land on the cars below to score points and keep the game going. It's like hopping from one car roof to another! But be careful. Landing in between cars means starting over, but don't worry - our brave little hero always stays safe on the side.

Remember, our little hero can either make short jumps from car to car or can float longer in the sky. But be careful! There's a trick to long flights. Open and close the umbrella while in the air, and you can float for longer, watching many cars zoom by below. 

However, watch out for the umbrella's power gauge. If it runs out or if our hero bumps into a bird, the umbrella flips, and down they go!

What else you should know

Sometimes, you'll find special power-ups floating around. These magical bonuses refill the umbrella's power, so grab them for longer flights. And if you want to earn big points, make sure to land safely from time to time.

The best way to score big is to stay airborne as much as possible. But, for big bonus points, remember to land safely from time to time. It's like a fun combo!

So, are you ready to help our brave furry friend in this flying adventure? Open that umbrella, catch the breeze, and see how long you can glide!