The Three Monkeys

Open your appetite for tropical fruit with The Three Monkeys game! Can you help the monkeys catch the food and avoid the bombs in this thrilling challenge?

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About The Three Monkeys Game

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Practice your agility and escape boredom with The Three Monkeys game! Can you think of a more ingenious and hilarious play partner than a monkey? You'll have even more fun with three pals with a taste for fruity snacks! If you join them, you'll have a chance to relax in a tropical atmosphere, surrounded by colorful fruit! This game is perfect if you're in the mood for a little upbeat vacation!

It's raining fruit! Bananas and oranges will fall from the sky, but so will bombs. Given this strange weather, your mission is to help the friendly monkeys grab all the food while avoiding danger. Given that it's set to the theme of exotic tunes, this challenge will help you have fun while improving your agility. Hopefully, you're in the mood to munch on some fruit!

How to Play

Coordinating a team of monkeys isn't that hard. Here's how you do it:

 - Click a monkey: Grab or duck.

Your three teammates will be sitting in a row, ready to grab or duck at a moment's notice. Aren't they cute? It's up to you to tell them what position to stay in to avoid danger and not miss out on any valuable food. These are some hungry primates, so you'd better feed them tons of oranges and bananas.

Each piece of fruit you gather will grant you one point. On the other hand, every time you're too slow and miss one, you'll lose a life. The same thing will happen if you accidentally catch a bomb and your monkeys blow up. Yikes! As you only have four lives, you should pay attention and try not to blink!

What makes this game so enticing is that the rhythm of the music and game speed will become more rapid the more you play. In other words, it'll challenge you to push your limits by increasing your agility and focus! 

However, it'll also feel like a lot of fun, thanks to the unique atmosphere that defines Orisinal Games! Therefore, you should stop hesitating and start playing with the three funny monkeys!