Carrot Track

🥕 Play the Carrot Track game to help a brave bunny hop through a meadow filled with playful puppies! Use leashes and power-ups for endless adventures.

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Welcome to the magical world of Ferry Halim's Carrot Track game! Imagine a sunny meadow with tall green grass where a cute rabbit is hopping and looking for yummy carrots. But wait! There are playful puppy dogs in the meadow who would love to chase and play with our bunny friend.

As the player, you are the bunny's guardian. Your job is to make sure the rabbit safely hops and collects those delicious carrots without being caught by the puppies. It's an exciting challenge!

How to Play

The magic tool you have is your mouse. When you press and hold the mouse button, you can control the puppies and keep them away from the bunny.

As the bunny hops, it follows a path made of yummy carrots. The puppies? They love running around and might bump into our bunny friend. When you see a dog getting close, click on it and pull it away! Like a puppy superhero, you're making sure the way is safe for the bunny.

Want a bigger challenge? You can try leashing more than one dog at a time! But be careful; if you leash too many, they might all pull together and accidentally bump into our bunny.

What else you should know

Every so often, the rabbit will find special power-ups on his journey. One power-up is a whistle that makes most of the dogs listen and stay away. But watch out for the super energetic black sheepdogs - they don't always listen to the whistle!

There's also a super cool power-up that lets the rabbit fly like a helicopter, so no dog can reach him.

Every carrot collected and every doggy dodged means more points for you! Can you help the rabbit collect the most carrots and get the highest score? Hop in and let the fun begin!