Prove your skills and beat a new wintery challenge in the Snow-Bowling game! Aim and launch snow boulders to knock as many ice skaters as possible.

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About Snow-Bowling Game

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It's time to try out a new winter challenge in the Snow-Bowling game! The lake is frozen, and people are picking up their skates again for a lovely afternoon in the park! However, a snow boulder can ruin their fun in one swift move. Are you ready to play some winter Bowling?

Your goal in this game is to knock as many skaters on the frozen lake as possible by launching snow boulders down the hill! You cannot miss this fun activity if you're a fan of classic Bowling and want to try this wintery version!

How to Play

First, align your snow boulder with the skaters you want to knock off their feet. Then, click to release it and watch it roll over the frozen lake. It's a matter of timing and good aim, so once you master those, you'll be unstoppable!

There's a health bar in the upper left corner of your screen. It will slowly deplete if you miss and don't hit anyone with your boulder. Unfortunately, there's no way to replenish it. However, health won't be consumed if you hit a skater each round. When the bar is empty, it'll be game over.

The snowballs have a countdown displayed on the right side of your screen. This stops you from releasing too many snow boulders at once, so make every roll count and get as many skaters in one hit as possible.

Will you show off your Bowling skills and beat this wintery challenge? Not even the cold can stop you from setting a new record!