Play the Hydrophobia game to help the frog leap around the lake without touching the water! How many flies can you collect before the energy runs out?

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About Hydrophobia Game

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The tiny frog must collect flies to eat in the Hydrophobia game! Even though it spends most of its time near water, the hungry frog is too scared to swim and gather food, so it must stick to the large leaves on the lake's surface. Will you help the tiny creature get its food?

Your role is to help the frog leap from leaf to leaf and catch as many flies as possible without falling into the water! It's up to you to keep the cute creature dry and fed before its energy runs out!

How to Play

First, move the cursor and settle on the direction of your jump. Then, click to leap onto one of the leaves. You can catch flies by turning towards them and pressing the Spacebar for a tongue attack. The more you capture, the more points you obtain, and your companion won't starve.

However, you must be careful when jumping. The force of the frog's leaps can send the leaves in different directions. In other words, they might glide further than anticipated. If you fall into the water, it'll be game over.

When launching your tongue attack, your energy bar will deplete. Unfortunately, you cannot replenish the energy even if you capture multiple flies, so try your best to catch as many as possible before the end of the round.

Are you ready to help the tiny frog avoid water and find food? Keep it dry and become the adorable creature's hero!